Protection from Several Cardiovascular and Neurological Diseases

AmiGuard CT™ is a low dose of the FDA-approved drug amifostine, administered just once or twice, before and/or after a CT scan. Our solution provides protection against RIGDI (radiation-induced genomic damage and instability)—a side effect of exposure to ionizing radiation, such as the radiation present in CT scans. RIGDI is a precursor to several diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, and neurological diseases.

The Problem: CT Scans are critical to patient care, but CT scanning increases the risk of cancer

91 million CT scans in the US in 2019

CT scans offer advanced imaging capabilities that have become an important part of identifying and monitoring medical conditions and assessing responses to treatment.

Between 1980 and 2018, there was a 20x increase in the use of CT scan examinations, including more use of double scans (with and without contrast) in a single session. CT scan utilization continues to grow annually by more than 10%. Nearly 25% of people in the US now have at least one CT scan per year.

36,650 new cancers from CT scanning

Even the smallest amount of radiation exposure can initiate RIGDI. Damaged cells can lead to mutations that lead to cancers and other conditions. A single chest scan can deliver more than 350x the radiation of a standard x-ray.

Researchers found that cumulative radiation exposure from as few a 2 CT scans (100 milisieverts) delivers a 1% increase in the lifetime attributable risk of cancer and a .05% risk of failed cancer.

Women are more at risk from CT scan radiation than men because of their smaller body mass. Current estimates are that 1 in 270 women who undergo CT coronary angiography develop cancer from that radiation dose (compared with 1 on 600 men for the same procedure).

Children are more at risk from CT scan radiation for two reasons: 1) Their smaller body mass, and 2) Their longer life expectancy allows more time for cancers to develop from any radiation exposure.

The Solution: Reduce cancer risk with a low, preventative dose of amifosine at the time of the CT scan.

AmiGuard CT™ is the first pharmaceutical solution for protection from CT scan radiation exposure.

In this patented application, patients take a low, easily-tolerated dose (25-100 mg/m2) of FDA-approved amifostine once before and once after a CT scan.

AmiGuard CT is one-tenth of the dose of amifostine already approved by the FDA, administered on a single day of treatment, compared with typical current usage of 250-1000 mg/m2 taken 5 times per week for 6-7 weeks.

AmiGuard CT™ protects human cells and tissues

AmiGuard CT protects human cells and tissues from chromosomal damage and instability caused by CT scan radiation, which is a precursor to carcinogenesis, and enhances the fidelity of repair of those cells.