The AmiGuard Platform

is a series of new indications for FDA-approved Amifostine to protect against radiation induced damage to cells and enhance the fidelity of repair for cells exposed to radiation.

Amiguard CT

The first such indication will be brought to market under the brand name AmiGuard CT™ , which protects cells against radiation induced genomic damage and instability (RIGDI) and enhances the fidelity of repair for damaged cells exposed to low dose ionizing radiation from CT scans.

  • CT scans have been proven to cause RIGDI, which marks the beginning stages of carcinogenesis.
  • CT scans are an essential diagnostic tool, yet CT scanning has been proven to meaningfully contribute to the risks and probability of developing cancer.
  • For that reason, AmiGuard CT represents an important and promising innovation in the standard of care.

The AmiGuard umbrella

Future products under the AmiGuard umbrella will apply our intellectual property as a solution for other radiation exposure challenges across a broad range of indications. Our other indications and development work are in various stages of IP acquisition; we look forward to sharing those plans soon.